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Martin Rupps Homepage

Hello, welcome to my homepage!

meMy name is Martin Rupp, my research topics are

  • parallel AMG/FAMG Preconditioners in UG4 ((Filtering) Algebraic Multigrid)
  • Eigensolvers (LOBPCG)
  • SparseMatrix, algebra functions in ug4
  • speed optimization
  • Scripts for unifiying the job scheduling systems on clusters: ugsubmit, ugcancel, uginfo:
  • Installing & Setup on Clusters
  • Parallelization, MPI, PCL.
  • ugshell, lua, registry


Here's a link to my blog: http://mathemartician.blogspot.com/

Here is some software:


ugIDE ] 17. Nov 2015 LINK

  • Eclipse: LUA Syntax Highlighter, ug4 registry/LUA AutoCompletion
  • Netbeans: ug4 registry/LUA AutoCompletion
ConnectionViewer ] 3.32

 A java program to display parallel matrix and vector data on coordinates with an easy data format.

ShinyProfileViewer ] 1.33
a Viewer for Profile Data generated by ShinyProfiler

 A perl script that colorizes your gcc output and more!



Some scripts I use for parallel running, debugging and my shell prompt.


LICENCE: Unless otherwise noted, all software is only meant for internal use at the G-CSC. Please ask if you want to use it outside of G-CSC, then I'll do the licence stuff.

In any case there is no warranty whatsoever regarding the software, and in no event shall the university Frankfurt or me be liable for anything related to the use of the software.


email: gcsc.uni-frankfurt.de , martin.rupp , @