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G-CSC Choir

G-CSC Choir informations


The G-CSC Choir is a choir formed by members of the G-CSC and scientists of the Goethe University Frankfurt. 

Interested members of the Goethe University Frankfurt are warmly invited to join the choir.


Contact: eva-email


Choir rehearsal: every Wednesday at 5 pm.


Past events

  • Concertino at the MBM conference in Villa Giersch (Frankfurt), 
    February 23, 2011

  • Christmas concert of the G-CSC choir
       Dec 17, 2010, Aula, University of Frankfurt
  • Concertino at the CiHPC conference in Schwetzingen Castle, with soloists and the G-CSC choir
    June 23, 2010
  • Christmas concert of the G-CSC choir
    Dec 18, 2009, Aula, University of Frankfurt,