Detailed Modelling of
Signal Processing in Neurons
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Partners & Projects


To achieve the aims described in the concept, DMSPiN will focus on the following five projects.

A: Calcium signaling from synapse to nucleus (Bading, Queisser, Wittum)

B: Realistic modeling of presynaptic transmitter content and dynamics and its implications for synaptic plasticity (Draguhn, Queisser, Wittum)

C: Development and function of basic networks (Schuster, Queisser, Wittum)

D: Modelling of gap junction coupled interneurones (Monyer, Queisser, Wittum)

E: Central services: data and tool repository (Queisser, Wittum)



• Prof. Dr. Hilmar Bading, Neurobiologie, IZN Heidelberg IZN

• Prof. Dr. Andreas Draguhn, Neurophysiologie, IPP Heidelberg IZN

• Prof. Dr. Hannah Monyer, klinische Neurobiologie, IZN Heidelberg IZN

• Jun. Prof. Dr. Gillian Queisser, Computational Neuroscience, G-CSC Frankfurt G-CSC 

• Prof. Dr. Christoph Schuster, IZN Heidelberg IZN

• Prof. Dr. Gabriel Wittum (Sprecher), Modellierung und Simulation, G-CSC Frankfurt G-CSC


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