Detailed Modelling of
Signal Processing in Neurons
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(See 3D movie)

Reconstructed nuclei (by Gillian Queisser)

 RealNeuron2.jpg RealNeuron1.jpgRealNeuron3.jpg

(To see the full movie click here)

Simulation on a neuron morphology (by Konstantinos Xylouris)


InfoldedNucleus1.jpg InfoldedNucleus2.jpg InfoldedNucleus3.jpg 

(See full movie)

Transport in an infolded nucleus (by Gillian Queisser)


RoundNucleus1.jpg RoundNucleus2.jpg RoundNucleus3.jpg 

(See full movie)

Transport in a round nucleus (by Gillian Queisser)


Zellkern1.jpg Zellkern2.jpg Zellkern3.jpg

(See full movie)

Visualization of a 3D tetrahedral mesh of a nucleus (by Gillian Queisser)

SCSH1.png SCSH1.png SCSH3.png SCSH4.png

Vesicle dynamics of a presynaptic bouton model of the Drosophila Larva neuromuscular junction (by Markus Knodel)

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