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Computational Neuroscience

The Interdisciplinary Research Group Computational Neuroscience (CNS)


One of the fastest growing interdisciplinary research fields is Computational Neuroscience, defined by a diverse mix of mathematicians, physicist, computer scientists, neurobiologists and clinicians. Despite its strong interdisciplinary character, this field has not yet fully exploited state-of-the-art mathematical tools for investigating frontiers in brain function. 

The appointment of Prof. Queisser as a Junior Professor for Computational Neuroscience at the G-CSC has established a new interdisciplinary foundation for neuroscientific research. The Research Group consists of members from different fields – computer science, mathematics, neurobiology and medicine – with the common goal of developing novel interdisciplinary approaches in Computational Neuroscience.


If you are looking for information and material regarding the lecture Computational Neuroscience (aka Neuro-Bioinformatik, aka Modellierung und Simulation III), please look here.