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Computational Finance

Computational Finance

Computational Finance 


Computational Finance is a newly developing branch of Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computing, which is concerned with the development, analysis and implementation of computational problems which arise in the banking, finance and insurance industries. 

The recent appointment of Prof. Dr. Thomas Gerstner to a professorship in Computational Finance at the Institute of Mathematics at the Goethe University is a unique event in Germany and the first professorship of its kind in a university in Germany. 

The appointment of Prof. Gerstner and the concentration of the banking industry in Frankfurt am Main has motivated the establishment of the “Interdisciplinary Research Group in Computational Finance” at the Goethe Center of Scientific Computing of the the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Peter Kloeden. It will encompass researchers from different departments of the university and banks who are active contributors to the field of Computational Finance. 

The group will have close links with the House of Finance of the Goethe University. 

A regular Computational Finance colloquium is planned and will take place in the House of Finance.